Warlord Revival 1.0.0

Warlord Revival

Requirements: Android 2.3+, Mooded GP, Root (For freedom app).

Overview:Classic RPG set up in feudal japan!



Dystopia national hegemony of the mystery that appeared suddenly in the world of the Edo period.

The samurais was Revived by Dystopia Power and they are slaved by them.

Oda Nobunaga and Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura , They also were summoned with there from death world.

However, They fight the dystopia for Japan .

Appeared in "The Legend of Devil advent Sengoku RPG" fictional history here!

(This is only English mode.)

This game has NO advertisements

More Info:

1.- Install App

2.- Install "Freedom app" (Get it here)

3.- Run freedom and tap "Warlord Revival"

4.- On the title screen tap "BUY" (a pop up from GP will show with a "Freecard" as payment)

5.- Enjoy the full game!



Download Instructions:

Zippyshare APK


With the "Freedom" app you can also buy other freemium games that have IAP's

like this one, Just try any apps or games you may have and maybe it'll work.

LEDAHGRIM — Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:24 pm

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