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Lenovo Super Camera v3.5.6.0140.140127.25499 Mod (Extreme Clarity)

Requirements: Android 4.1+

Overview: This is the MODDED/Sandboxed Release of Popular Camera App


"Lenovo Super Camera". all the craps like: call home functions ( y a

camera app want to call home ), blogging & sharing functions ( who

wants to blog thru camera app), test functions ( phones are consumer

device not oem test units), loggings & reporting functions ( remove

this and camera app will perform faster ) and unnecessary tracking

functions ( who wants to track who and y) are TOTALLY REMOVED .

This App is also free from any Virus or Malware. Those who are using

Avast/Antivirus might get SMS/Message Warning but be sure that its

just normal as the function is disabled and removed.

my Idea was: THE Camera App which shoots Amazing Photos/Videos

and stores it on SDCard and THATS IT . No Blogging, No GPS Tagging,

No Error Reporting, No Direct Photo Sharing thru Camera (Gallery

Sharing is Enabled), No Auto-Updates, No Logging and Reporting to

OEM Servers.



Supported ARCH:


Supported Android Family:

Android 4.2/4.2.2 (API 17), 4.3.x (API 18)

Working Function:

1. Normal Camera (Rear/Front) (upto 13MP)

2. Video Camera (FHD) (Device Dependant)

3. HDR

4. Beautify

5. Low Light

6. PIP

7. Burst

8. Night Portrait

9. Self-Timed

10. Macro

11. Effects (Lens/Magic/Color)

> Panorama is not working, FC. OEM specific code is hidden

somewhere. Working on the function to be operational.

> Extra Ported Libs (ARMv7 only) to Enhance HDR and Macro

algorithm, Linkage effect measurement optimization, Night Focus

mode optimization, Low Light and Night algorithm optimization,

Manual/Auto Focus algorithm optimization and MORE TO BE ADDED

by me as Time passes...

Function Removed:

1. Manage User Accounts (Read/Write)

2. SMS (Read/Write)

3. Auto Sync (Read/Write)

4. Contacts/Address Book (Read/Write)

5. Phone Calling (Dial)

6. Logging/Reporting

7. Tracking

>>>>>Instructions <<<<<

Installations Steps: Install the "app/ LenovoCamera.apk " as user app.

Copy everything in "lib/ *.so " to your "/system/lib " and set permission

to 0.0 (root:root) and 644 (rw-r-r) .

NOTE: If you are afraid of getting your device into problems then

make sure not to overwrite any ".so " in your "/system/lib ", just skip

the file.

This app has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

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