App Releases • Ear Spy Pro v1.4.4

Ear Spy Pro v1.4.4

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: The ultimate app for eavesdropping .


Click the center button and you can listen to an entire world around you .

If you want to listen to conversations or just listen better television, Spy Ear aims to give you a super hearing and improve what you hear . There are more things happening around you than you think. It's time to listen.

REQUIRED USE HEADPHONES . Not using headphones can result in a very poor sound. You are warned!

Spy Ear is a "Super Spy " application that gives you super hearing and the ability to spy on those around you . With a Bluetooth headset you can eavesdrop from the next room (tested with Motorola HT820 headphones ) .

Spy Ear amplifies sound coming through the microphone of the mobile phone directly to your headphones . To set more clearly the input signal , use the audio graphic equalizer .

Perfect for curious spy in you . But it is also perfect for those who suffer from hearing loss or problems ( many people use it as a headset ) .

Upgrade to the Pro version to get any of the following advantages:

- More complete graphic equalizer (over 5 bands , if your phone supports it)

- Echo Cancellation (EC )

- Noise Removal (ER )

- Virtualizer (for Android 4.1 and higher)

- Automatic Gain Control ( AGC )

- Bass Boost (Bass)

- MP3 Recording

- Widget for home screen

-No ads spy!

Check out below the hundreds of five star reviews . Here are some of our favorites.

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Privacy Notice

This is a " spy " application but we do not spy on you.

We do not collect or store information about the users of this application. Once downloaded , it runs on your phone and never communicates with our servers .

Waiver of Claims

We do not consent to the use of Spy Ear to break the law or to intrude on private conversations. Please use responsibly Spy Ear .

New in Version 1.4.4

Added support for


















Also added code to stop listening when headphones removed. And minor bug fixes.

This app has NO advertisement

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