App Releases • DeviceFaker ★ ROOT ★ v1.2.0

DeviceFaker ★ ROOT ★ v1.2.0

Requirements: 4.0 and up

Overview: It is an application that allows you to launch the app you can not start at rooted.

 SuperSU is mandatory from v1.0.0.


○ Important==>there is a trial period officially in the system of GooglePlay. For information about whether we can use, please try at that period. It can not respond, be required to refund directly out the back past the period. I troubled honest.

○ Two important==>and are not guarantees that you move all apps, etc. (game).

 It also is said to be only a "that matter that does not work", there is no progress anything.

 I have indicated below, there are some limitations, such as for SuperSU.

 You may feel that it is difficult to use due to it, but is a specification for the avoidance.

 Check mechanism is different or because the app each,

 also allows you so essential for the application is not required in certain applications.

 I can not respond to requests like that please remove XX so difficult to use because their not use.

 Some become essential to people other people that issued the Riku without using.

 Some people requested a refund because of the (difficult to use) it, but

 it is the content that has been described previously. It should not be a reason, such as had not seen.  In addition, I received the information carefully XX does not work, but  it is about what it does not move, but for those that are moving in an environment of my  potential basically relies environment of the user to (install application software, etc.) There is,  it is not something that can respond to all here.

As for that there is no information, such as the description of the (Version of Android) and model, ROM at the very least

 please consider correspond to the basically impossible.

○ The requirement

- it is a ROOTED

○ (ICS) requirements

- (may not be necessary in CM10.1) that you install the superSU support model ○ (Tested models) Check SC02E at (Galaxy Note 2) CM11 based AOJP - ○ corresponding ROM  Android4.0 . ROM greater than or equal to x    are you tested with development on ※ is currently the only official (JB) CM10 JP-Remix, SC02E/03E official, of SC02E

○ Tested app Line Pop (line system General okay?)

- (?) Nesune viewing on CM10.1 details unknown

even in the case of the corresponding Kernel, ※ These

 can be certified for use in all environments not a thing

to - d Video Store

As it may not work depending on the environment used thereof.

 ※ ROM, custom of their own, such as the application you are installing

○ How to use

Fake 1. manual

to Unroot press the button at the Fake 1.1. screen

to start the App 1.2. arbitrary (how to start is optional)

Start-up of two. Registered App

to Long tap an App that requires 2.1 Fake

I start an App that was set from 2.2.List on

3. Creating shortcuts

to long tap the App list of 3.1 on

3.2 Fake After setting, select Yes in the Create Shortcut confirmation

USB debug control of 4.Fake control linkage

I turned ON to check the USB control at 4.1 Setting

Kill control of a background application 5.Fake control when

I turn ON the head folly ground task control at 4.1 Setting

○ Restrictions

If the process is left to run the root of the application software, etc. other than DeviceFaker, Line pop does not seem to boot.

This is not a problem of DeviceFaker that case.

○ Limitations 2

In the current specification, you need a superSU in ICS.

In addition, since seems to superSU detected in some app,

you can uninstall internally at fake.

In that case, log apps and information that has been allowed to disappear.

※ now to be able to disable the uninstall temporary setting, but

 it will not work in the app uninstallation essential time.

○ Android4.3 restrictions for

as long as is confirmed by cm10.2, if you restart fake it while (unroot), you can not get root after reboot.

Please do, then restarts unfake.

 ※ If you restart, work retaken root is required.

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