App Releases • Book of Shadows 2 v2.1.0

Book of Shadows 2 v2.1.0

Requirements: 2.1+

Overview: The most advanced digital Book of Shadows for Pagans and Wiccans, This version includes: Spells (Love, Luck, Binding, Charms, and more) Historical Text, Gods, Elements, Charms, and many many many more text to come. Currently over 350+ of content


In addition, we are proud to introduce the new and improved version of the Book of Shadows 2.0. This new version includes more functionality, easier to use, and now introducing, the Continuous Updating Content (CUC). With CUC, our engineers will add more features to help with functionality and provide more content.


Completely offline app, meaning you do not need the internet connection*

Quick responsive support

No in-app advertisements

Top quality content that no one can compete with

Journal Entry System


The paid version will include a much more advanced version of the Book of Shadows 2.0 which will have more than 350+ pages, and increasing. In addition, we will be adding some more conventional updates to enhance your experience with Book of Shadows 2. These updates will be detailed once the paid version is release. Expected time? Very soon!

*Updates require internet connection. Due to mass amounts of pages to install, the installation process may take just a few minutes based on internet connection.

ATTENTION: Please contact support for any bugs or crashes

For solutions, check out:

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WARNING: Spells, herbs, and any/all information are to be used at own risk**

**Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any harm that may come to yourself or others when improperly using, mixing, eating, or any means what so ever with the information provided within the content of this application.

This app has NO advertisement

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Download Instructions:thanks Vegas Romeo


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