[FREE] Graveyard Shift Puzzle Game

Graveyard Shift v1.11

Match 3 objects or more game with 100 levels and more to come. As the caretaker of the haunted graveyard, your boss has asked you to clean up the grounds. There have been some strange things happening and the place is a mess. Swipe the objects from left to right, up and down to match 3 or more objects. Also you can press the TNT to detonate it and make objects drop, which may help in your task. Match object vertically or horizontally. Good luck!

similar to games like candy crush, bejeweled, ruby blast and bubble safari but with a twist.

Match 3 or more shapes in a vertical or horizontal line. Use the TNT to make a space for objects to drop and line up with other objects. It's a logic puzzle and all levels can be completed in the number of steps allowed. All levels have been tested. If you like games where you can match in lines you should like this game. It has a haunted theme but it's just fun.


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barley06 — Sat Jan 11, 2014 8:40 am

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