App Releases • Round Distinct Launcher Theme v1.5

Round Distinct Launcher Theme v1.5

Requirements: 2.1+

Overview: Round Distinct a spinoff from Distinct launcher theme, this icon set has over 300 custom HD icons with a simple yet elegant and detailed look.


These round icons all resemble there respective original icons with small twist and using earthtone and neutral colors to give it an overall great feel that I hope you'll enjoy!

Whats Included

-4 Custom Folder Backgrounds

-10 Custom Wallpapers w/ web based Wallpaper Picker that can be updated w/out app updates

-5 Custom Dockbars (Apex, Go, Nova & ADW Only)

-300+ HD (144x144) icons available in Icon Picker

-Close attention to detail that results in a great look for you

***The Wallpaper in the screenshot is from @designrifts wallpaper app if you havent already you should check it out***

This theme is comatible with the following launchers

- Go Launcher EX

- ADW/ADWEX Launcher

- Launcher Pro

- Circle Launcher

- Apex Launcher

- Nova Launcher

- Next Launcher

- TSF Shell Launcher

- Action Launcher

- Holo Launcher

- Smart Launcher Free/Pro(coming soon)

What do you need

- You will need to be using a custom launcher listed above

The app comes with the following features

- Apply launcher themes

- See details on what theme applies

- See screenshots of themes applied to each launcher

- Apply wallpaper or save to SD

- View all icons included in app

- See all icon names included in app

- View all docks included in app

- Rate theme on Google Play

- Check out all BigDX themes on Google Play

- Contact me via Email, Website, Twitter, G+, Blog

- View help files on how to use launchers

- See exactly how to apply all parts of theme

- Watch video's on how the launchers works

- Send me a zip file with all the app icons installed on your device

---This will help me skin more app icons in your app drawer (please dont hesitate to use the button)

What to expect

- More icons first and foremost

- More walls and docks if there is interest

- Timely response to any issues you may have


- The base for this launcher theme was made by @BigDX and I can not thank him enough for allowing me utilize this.

- All the people who have tested this app/theme and provided me with feedback @D3stroyd @sparkyman216 @drumdestroyer @cliffwade @guidot42 @lbinusciusc @justreboot @mikeyinid(also came up with the name) and anyone whom ive forgoten

What's New

v1.4 10-14-13

-15 new icons att_smart_wifi, directv, duo lingo, google_admin, google_apps_device_policy, google_authenticator, google_cloud_print, google_tv_remote, more_services, optical_reader, stocks, waze, wifi_analyzer, wifi, cooper

-Added back the ability to select app drawer icons in the icon picker

-Added section in the icon picker for new icons in current update

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:thanks yuki918


DYSholo — Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:51 pm

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