App Releases • Phone Locator PRO - MobiUcare v57 APK

Phone Locator PRO - MobiUcare v57 APK


Phone Locator PRO - MobiUcare

You can control your device via

MobiUcare is perfect solution for keeping your smart phone from lost, misplaced, or stolen.

Protect your phone/tablet with most efficient and full featured MobiUcare!

NO Sign up required!

You can log in using existing Google account of your Android.


SIM card change notification

Accurate phone locator


Screen lock with lost message (NEW Feature!)

Wipe out SD card (NEW Feature!)

Reset to factory setting

Take a picture from your lost phone (NEW Feature!)

Record audio from remote (NEW Feature!)

Toggle GPS/WIFI/Bluetooth remotely (NEW Feature!)

Backup call log & SMS

Push a message to phone

Control phone via SMS

Locate phone : ## locate password

Siren : ## siren password

Lock screen : ## lock password screenlockpassword

Factory reset : ## wipe password

Reset and format SD : ## wipeall password

Toggle GPS : ## gps password

Toggle WIFI : ## wifi password

Toggle Bluetooth : ## bluetooth password

Protect removal of app using password

Hide this app from app drawer (no one can find this app)

VERY LOW resource usage

It uses network or CPU resource, ONLY when you request location or some commands. So, you don’t have to worry about BATTERY consumption like other apps that monitors Android systems.

You can remotely toggle GPS to preserve battery.

EASY setup

Just click twice.


If SIM card is changed, you can be notified instantly by email.

In case of lost, misplaced, or stolen,

Step 1. Finding Phone

Ways to Find Lost, Misplaced, or Stolen phone.

Don’t worry even you lost, misplaced, or stolen your phone!!

Here is an easy way…..

Using "Find phone" feature, you can get the location of phone on map and then

Make it loud "siren" to locate your phone.

Furthermore you can get a picture from your lost phone.

Step 2. Lock screen

If you can’t find phone, you can lock your phone screen to protect your privacy and confidential data by LOCKING PHONE SCREEN command.

Also you can post lost message on your phone.

Step 3. Wipe out

Let say “there is no way to get a phone back”. You can still be safe from your privacy and confidential data by Wipe out your phone.

Basically, it will delete all the data on your phone.

Permanently, you can delete all the date on your phone by access “Wipe out” command in case you can’t get a phone back.

What's in this version : (Updated : Dec 1, 2012)

Preference page protection

Multiple account bug fixed

All new look and feel

ICS support

No shutter sound on ICS

Performance enhancement

File attachment bug fixed

Hide this app from app drawer

Protect preference by password

Option for sending photo/recorded file to registered Gmail

Recorded file format is changed to ogg

Winamp or media player can play it

When someone stop siren, camera takes a picture and send it to owner

Test function enhancement

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Download Link :

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